A long-awaited reunion in October, and official establishment of the German-Vietnamese ICC. The Rotary Magazine Germany and Austria featured our Bavarian friends' visit to Vietnam.

Read the article here: https://rotary.de/panorama/vietnam-oeffnet-sich-fuer-die-rotarische-welt-a-20994.html

(Below follows a translation of the full article in English)


The connection in the Rotarian world is becoming more and more diverse and extensive. After almost 50 years, Rotary Clubs have now been founded again in Vietnam with the help of German fellows.

In 2021, the first Rotary Clubs in Vietnam were re-established with German support. After the end of the war 46 years ago, these were closed at the time. In October, 16 Rotarians from District 1841 who were keen to visit and build friendly partnership with new clubs across Vietnam. Their first destinations were Hanoi as the capital, lively Saigon in the south and the holiday resort of Da Nang with great hotels and beaches.

New country committee established

The Inter Country Committee (ICC) Germany-Vietnam was then officially founded at a joint ceremony in Saigon, which was attended by Rotarians from more than 25 clubs from Asia, Europe and the USA. In the future, joint projects will be supported via this ICC, contacts will be arranged at all levels and areas, and an exchange program for young people will be set up.

Here are some impressions of their visits: