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Ho Chi Minh City, 25 April 2022
Global President of Rotary International to Visit Ho Chi Minh City
Three of Rotary International’s youngest clubs will share a proud moment when they host the 2021-22 President, Mr Shekhar Mehta in Ho Chi Minh City from May 4th to May 7th, 2022. The presidents of the three clubs, Rotary Club Saigon, Rotary Club Saigon International and Rotary Club Danang will invite members and senior members of the diplomatic, business and non-profit communities to meet with RI President Shekhar over a series of events, culminating in the official recognition of the inauguration of the 3 clubs.

Mr Mehta’s visit will include:
VIP Lunch at Caravelle Hotel – 5th May
12:00-14:00     With attendance Of Ambassadors, Members Of The Consular Corps HCMC, Senior Government Officials, Department Heads, Representatives Of Chambers Of Commerce And Friendship Associations, And Business Community
Audience with Rotarians
15:00                 (In the format of a townhall meeting) at Conference Room, Mezzanine, Deutsches Haus
Presidential Reception dinner – Chartered Club Inauguration Ceremony
18:30-22:00     RI President Shekhar, the club presidents of the 3 Vietnam Rotary clubs and delegates from District 3350 will host a dinner reception for Rotarians and VIP guests. The highlight of the dinner will be the official recognition of the Vietnam Clubs as members of the Rotary International network.
All Rotarians in Vietnam are strongly encouraged to join all of the listed events – register here.
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The virtual swarming of the RC Saigon International in the Year of the Tiger


More than 70 participants followed the invitation of District 1940 to RC Saigon International, chartered in Jun 2021. The 22 members, led by their president, Anh Vu, impressively presented the beauty of the country, but also the important projects the young club has already carried out to make life more bearable in the region. In cooperation with other clubs, 368 wheelchairs have been distributed to those in need, ten oxygen concentrators for a Covid hospital ward, new incubators have been procured to support workers who have not been allowed to return to their hometown due to COVID restrictions, and much more.

As we approach the end of a very eventful year it is time to reflect on our actions and how we all managed to live through the most uncertain times we could ever imagine. Covid has cost many lives and has shuttered the existence of countless individuals and companies. In the spirit of Rotary, Rotary Club Saigon International is organizing a fundraising event on an international scale and we are asking our friends and partners around the world to open their hearts and wallets to support our first online charity event. 
Offical Sponsor Letter – Download attached file to read more (top left corner)

Hospitals across Ho Chi Minh City are struggling to treat COVID-19 patients due to a severe shortage of equipment.

To tackle with the urgent situation in the hospital and try to help lower the mortality rate due to lack of equipment, Rotary Club Saigon International will raise funds to join forces with Rotary International and purchase 100 oxygen concentrators to support the field hospitals in Vietnam.

Our Appeal For Help – Download attached file to find out (top left corner)

In close cooperation with our sister club, Rotary Club Saigon, we have arranged for over one hundred wheelchairs to be received and distributed to individuals in need. The effort has been coordinated by The Projects and Services Committee.
The wheelchairs were bequeathed to Vietnam by a lady called Nancy as a legacy gift, and the gifting was coordinated by Mr Frank Yih of the Hua Qiao Foundation, based in Shanghai. Frank Yih established HuaQiao Foundation with a group of warm-hearted overseas Chinese with the purpose of paying back to motherland. HuaQiao (华桥), representing building the bridge of communication between overseas Chinese and domestic Chinese, is the homonym of Huaqiao (华侨) which means “overseas Chinese”. HuaQiao mainly provides humanitarian assistance to underdeveloped areas in East Asia, focusing on education, health, and public welfare. 
Ms Nancy's gift will initially give mobility and freedom to almost 400 people in Ho Chi Minh City and Khanh Hoa. A second container with a similar number of chairs is expected to arrive in the coming weeks. 


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